RNA‐Protein Interactions

Alphabetical     Date
Photoactivated In Vivo Proximity Labeling
David B. Beck, Roberto Bonasio
Published online: June 2017
Protein Interaction Profile Sequencing (PIP‐seq)
Shawn W. Foley, Brian D. Gregory
Published online: October 2016
Single‐Molecule mRNA Detection in Live Yeast
Tineke L. Lenstra, Daniel R. Larson
Published online: January 2016
BioTAP‐XL: Cross‐linking/Tandem Affinity Purification to Study DNA Targets, RNA, and Protein Components of Chromatin‐Associated Complexes
Artyom A. Alekseyenko, Kyle A. McElroy, Hyuckjoon Kang, Barry M. Zee, Peter V. Kharchenko, Mitzi I. Kuroda
Published online: January 2015
Synthesis of 8‐Oxoguanosine Phosphoramidite and Its Incorporation into Oligoribonucleotides
Yosuke Taniguchi, Yohei Koga, Shigeki Sasaki
Published online: March 2014
Attachment of Nitroxide Spin Labels to Nucleic Acids for EPR
Olga Romainczyk, Xavier Elduque, Joachim W. Engels
Published online: June 2012
Imaging of Endogenous RNA Using Genetically Encoded Probes
Takeaki Ozawa, Yoshio Umezawa
Published online: February 2011
In Vitro Selection of RNA Aptamers to a Protein Target by Filter Immobilization
Bradley Hall, Seyed Arshad, Kyunghyun Seo, Catherine Bowman, Meredith Corley, Sulay D. Jhaveri, Andrew D. Ellington
Published online: October 2009
Agarose Gel Separation/Isolation of RNA‐Protein Complexes
Chung‐Sheng Brian Lee, Rita Das, Robin Reed
Published online: August 2003