Genetic Manipulation

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Retroviral Gene Expression Control in Primary Organoid Cultures
Bon‐Kyoung Koo, Valentina Sasselli, Hans Clevers
Published online: November 2013
Expanding Donor Muscle‐Derived Cells for Transplantation
Maura H. Parker, Stephen J. Tapscott
Published online: May 2013
Genetic Manipulation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Angela Wang, Chee Gee Liew
Published online: November 2012
Basic Techniques in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cultures: Differentiation into Osteogenic and Adipogenic Lineages, Genetic Perturbations, and Phenotypic Analyses
Claudia Bruedigam, Marjolein van Driel, Marijke Koedam, Jeroen van de Peppel, Bram C.J. van der Eerden, Marco Eijken, Johannes P.T.M. van Leeuwen
Published online: June 2011
Lentiviral Transduction and Clonal Selection of hESCs with Endothelial‐Specific Transgenic Reporters
Daylon James, Qiansheng Zhan, Christopher Kloss, Nikica Zaninovic, Zev Rosenwaks, Shahin Rafii
Published online: April 2011
Generation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Reporter Knock‐In Lines by Homologous Recombination
Richard P. Davis, Catarina Grandela, Koula Sourris, Tanya Hatzistavrou, Mirella Dottori, Andrew G. Elefanty, Edouard G. Stanley, Magdaline Costa
Published online: November 2009
Generation and Characterization of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Mari Ohnuki, Kazutoshi Takahashi, Shinya Yamanaka
Published online: June 2009
Imaging Neural Stem Cell Fate in Mouse Model of Glioma
Khalid Shah
Published online: March 2009
TLX1 (HOX11) Immortalization of Embryonic Stem Cell–Derived and Primary Murine Hematopoietic Progenitors
Robert G. Hawley, Teresa S. Hawley, Alan B. Cantor
Published online: December 2008
Reporter Genes to Detect Cre Excision in Mice
Corrine P. Lobe, Caiying Guo
Published online: February 2002
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