Assessment of Cell Toxicity

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Role of Integrative Signaling Through Gap Junctions in Toxicology
Brad L. Upham
Published online: February 2011
Application of Single‐Cell Microfluorimetry to Neurotoxicology Assays
Tobi L. Limke, William D. Atchison
Published online: November 2009
Assessment of Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication
James E. Klaunig, Yuhui Shi
Published online: August 2009
Current Concepts in Drug‐Induced Mitochondrial Toxicity
Sashi Nadanaciva, Yvonne Will
Published online: May 2009
Cross‐Species Genetic Toxicity Assessment Accomplished by Flow Cytometric Analysis of Blood
Jeffrey C. Bemis, Dorothea K. Torous, Carol R. Tometsko, Stephen D. Dertinger
Published online: May 2008
High‐Throughput Cytotoxicity Screening by Propidium Iodide Staining
Bruce S. Edwards, Irena Ivnitski‐Steele, Susan M. Young, Virginia M. Salas, Larry A. Sklar
Published online: July 2007
Mouse Models for Human Hemato‐Lymphopoiesis
Patrick Ziegler, Markus G. Manz
Published online: February 2007
Detection of the Mitochondrial Apoptosis‐Induced Channel (MAC) and Its Regulation by Bcl‐2 Family Proteins
Kathleen W. Kinnally, Sonia Martinez‐Caballero, Laurent M. Dejean
Published online: December 2006
Single‐Cell Analysis of Lipid Rafts in Lymphocytes and in T Cell–Containing Immunoconjugates
William T. Lee, Andrew R. O. Watson
Published online: March 2006
Analysis of Mitochondrial Dysfunction During Cell Death
Vladimir Gogvadze, Sten Orrenius, Boris Zhivotovsky
Published online: May 2004
Methods for Measuring DNA Adducts and Abasic Sites I: Isolation, Purification, and Analysis of DNA Adducts in Intact DNA
James A. Swenberg, Amy‐Joan L. Ham, Kevin S. McDorman, Eric J. Morinello, Jun Nakamura, Robert Schoonhoven
Published online: August 2002
Methods for Measuring DNA Adducts and Abasic Sites II: Methods for Measurement of DNA Adducts
James A. Swenberg, Amy‐Joan L. Ham, Hasan Koc, David K. La, Eric J. Morinello, Brian F. Pachkowski, Asoka Ranasinghe, Patricia B. Upton
Published online: August 2002
Current Concepts in Cell Toxicity
Afshin Samali, Boris Zhivotovsky, Sten Orrenius
Published online: May 2001
Determination of Apoptosis and Necrosis
Boris Zhivotovsky, Afshin Samali, Sten Orrenius
Published online: May 2001
Detection of Covalent Binding
Mary K. Bruno, Steven D. Cohen
Published online: May 2001
Measurement of Lipid Peroxidation
Christopher A. Reilly, Steven D. Aust
Published online: May 2001
Measurements of Intracellular Free Calcium Concentration in Biological Systems
Karlene K. Gunter, Thomas E. Gunter
Published online: May 2001
Measurement of Expression of the HSP70 Protein Family
Marcelle Bargeron, Frank R. Sharp
Published online: May 2001
Measurement of a Malondialdehyde‐DNA Adduct
John P. Plastaras, Lawrence J. Marnett
Published online: May 2001
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