In Vitro Models

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Methods to Assess Neuroinflammation
Florianne Monnet‐Tschudi, Antoinette Defaux, Olivier Braissant, Laurène Cagnon, Marie‐Gabrielle Zurich
Published online: November 2011
Caco‐2 Cells as a Model for Intestinal Absorption
Isabella De Angelis, Laura Turco
Published online: February 2011
CFU‐MK Assay for Acute Thrombocytopenia
Dominique Parent‐Massin, Yann Sibiril
Published online: August 2008
Neutral Red Uptake Cytotoxicity Tests for Estimating Starting Doses for Acute Oral Toxicity Tests
William S. Stokes, Silvia Casati, Judy Strickland, Michael Paris
Published online: May 2008
The Syrian Hamster Embryo (SHE) Low pH Cell Transformation Assay
Kamala Pant, Marilyn J. Aardema
Published online: February 2008
Overview of Alternative Methodologies in Toxicology
Laura Gribaldo
Published online: November 2007
CFU‐GM Assay for Evaluation of Drug Myelotoxic Activity
Augusto Pessina, Arianna Bonomi
Published online: November 2007
Cytochrome P450 Assays
Enock Delaporte, A. David Rodrigues
Published online: February 2002
Listings: 1-20   21-40   41-49