In Vitro Models

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Use of Zinc Finger Nuclease Technology to Knock Out Efflux Transporters in C2BBe1 Cells
Jennifer Pratt, Neetu Venkatraman, Amanda Brinker, Yongling Xiao, Jim Blasberg, David C. Thompson, Maureen Bourner
Published online: May 2012
CYP1B1 Detection
Rao L. Divi, Andreas Luch, Mukesh Verma, Brinda Mahadevan
Published online: February 2012
Methods to Assess Neuroinflammation
Florianne Monnet‐Tschudi, Antoinette Defaux, Olivier Braissant, Laurène Cagnon, Marie‐Gabrielle Zurich
Published online: November 2011
Caco‐2 Cells as a Model for Intestinal Absorption
Isabella De Angelis, Laura Turco
Published online: February 2011
CFU‐MK Assay for Acute Thrombocytopenia
Dominique Parent‐Massin, Yann Sibiril
Published online: August 2008
Neutral Red Uptake Cytotoxicity Tests for Estimating Starting Doses for Acute Oral Toxicity Tests
William S. Stokes, Silvia Casati, Judy Strickland, Michael Paris
Published online: May 2008
The Syrian Hamster Embryo (SHE) Low pH Cell Transformation Assay
Kamala Pant, Marilyn J. Aardema
Published online: February 2008
Overview of Alternative Methodologies in Toxicology
Laura Gribaldo
Published online: November 2007
CFU‐GM Assay for Evaluation of Drug Myelotoxic Activity
Augusto Pessina, Arianna Bonomi
Published online: November 2007
Cytochrome P450 Assays
Enock Delaporte, A. David Rodrigues
Published online: February 2002
Listings: 1-20   21-40   41-52