Oxidative Stress

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High‐Throughput, Multiplexed Analysis of 3‐Nitrotyrosine in Individual Proteins
Hongjun Jin, Richard C. Zangar
Published online: February 2012
Overview of Peroxiredoxins in Oxidant Defense and Redox Regulation
Leslie B. Poole, Andrea Hall, Kimberly J. Nelson
Published online: August 2011
Measurement of Peroxiredoxin Activity
Kimberly J. Nelson, Derek Parsonage
Published online: August 2011
Detection of Intracellular Glutathione Using ThiolTracker Violet Stain and Fluorescence Microscopy
Bhaskar S. Mandavilli, Michael S. Janes
Published online: July 2010
Thioredoxin Redox Western Analysis
Young‐Mi Go, Dean P. Jones
Published online: August 2009
Measuring Electrophile Stress
Keri A. Tallman, Andrew Vila, Ned A. Porter, Lawrence J. Marnett
Published online: May 2009
Measurement of Isoprostanes as Markers of Oxidative Stress in Neuronal Tissue
Dejan Milatovic, Michael Aschner
Published online: February 2009
Complex I Assay in Mitochondrial Preparations from CNS
Latha Diwakar, Ajit Ray, Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath
Published online: November 2008
Identification and Characterization of Oxylipid‐Protein and Peptide Conjugates by Mass Spectrometry
Woon‐Gye Chung, Claudia S. Maier
Published online: February 2008
Measurement of the Vitamin E Metabolites, Carboxyethyl Hydroxychromans (CEHCs), in Biological Samples
Scott W. Leonard, Maret G. Traber
Published online: September 2006
Detection of Stress Proteins as Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress
Linda L. Agnew, Kenneth Watson
Published online: June 2006
Catalase Activity Assays
Nandita Shangari, Peter J. O'Brien
Published online: March 2006
F2‐Isoprostanes as Markers of Oxidant Stress: An Overview
Erik S. Musiek, Jason D. Morrow
Published online: June 2005
Immuno‐Spin Trapping: Detection of Protein‐Centered Radicals
Dario C. Ramirez, Ronald P. Mason
Published online: June 2005
In Situ Localization of Nonenzymatic Peroxidase‐Like Activity of Tissue‐Bound Transition Metals
Lawrence M. Sayre, Peggy L.R. Harris, George Perry, Mark A. Smith
Published online: June 2004
Formation and Functions of Protein Sulfenic Acids
Leslie B. Poole
Published online: February 2004
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