Cells and Cell Lines

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A Mouse Primary Hepatocyte Culture Model for Studies of Circadian Oscillation
Penny C. Molyneux, Lorna A. Pyle, Martha Dillon, Mary E. Harrington
Published online: December 2015
Mouse Polyomavirus: Propagation, Purification, Quantification, and Storage
Lenka Horníková, Vojtěch Žíla, Hana Španielová, Jitka Forstová
Published online: August 2015
Adaptation of Stem Cells to 96‐Well Plate Assays: Use of Human Embryonic and Mouse Neural Stem Cells in the MTT Assay
Rachel Z. Behar, Vasundhra Bahl, Yuhuan Wang, Jo‐Hao Weng, Sabrina C. Lin, Prue Talbot
Published online: November 2012
In Vitro Analysis of Mouse Mesencephalic Neural Crest Development
Kazuo Ito, Kyohei Fujita
Published online: July 2011