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Current Protocols in Microbiology

Current Protocols in Microbiology

Last Update: May 01, 2015
Print ISSN: 1934-8525
Online ISSN: 1934-8533

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New in the May 2015 Online Update
(Supplement 37)

Unit 1E.8 Isolating Viral and Host RNA Sequences from Archival Material and Production of cDNA Libraries for High-Throughput DNA Sequencing
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Unit 6F.2 Genetic Manipulation of Stenotrophomonas multiphilia
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Unit 14B.4 Fluorescently Labeled Human Papillomavirus Pseudovirions for Use in Virus Entry Experiments
         Abstract | Full Text:  HTML   PDF

Unit 15C.6 Rotaviruses: Extraction and Isolation of RNA, Reassortant Strains, and NSP4 Protein
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Unit 15E.2 Growth and Quantification of MERS-CoV Infection
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Coming Soon

Infant Rabbit Model for Diarrheal Diseases
Production of Furin-Cleaved Papillomavirus Pseudovirions and Their Use for In Vitro Neutralization Assays of L1- or L2-Specific Antibodies
Mouse Polyomavirus: Propagation, Purification, Quantification, and Storage
In Vitro Replication Assay for Merkel Cell Polyomavirus (MCPyV)
Detection and Isolation of Epichloë Species, Fungal Endophytes of Grasses