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Current Protocols offers access to a limited number of its titles in print, below is a list of those products and pricing. Current Protocols print titles are updated every three months with significant new and revised content. All prices below include updates. A standard new subscription includes one year of updates. After your initial subscription term, you can only renew in single-year increments. Renewal prices are on average about half the initial print purchase price.

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Fax: 1-317-572-4002

Title New Subscription Renewal Orders
Current Protocols in Cell Biology (Four Volumes)   $880.00 USD*
Current Protocols in Cytometry (Three Volumes)   $630.00 USD*
Current Protocols in Immunology (Seven Volumes) $1550.00 USD* $930.00 USD*
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology (Six Volumes) $1550.00 USD* $930.00 USD*
Current Protocols in Protein Science (Four Volumes)   $880.00 USD*

*Prices include shipping and handling.

Books from Current Protocols

Current Protocols publishes a number of books containing selected protocols. These titles are not available as a subscription. Learn more.