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Current Protocols Newsletter - Autumn, 2015
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  Autumn, 2015
Welcome to the
Current Protocols Newsletter!
Researchers worldwide rely on Current Protocols as their trusted source for up-to-date and reproducible laboratory methods. Scroll down to read about the latest methods, tips, and webinars from Current Protocols!
Editor's Pick
Tips and Hints
New in Current Protocols!
Editor's Pick
Methods for DNA construction and assembly 40 years after Cohen-Boyer:
an embarrassment of riches
In this article, Current Protocols in Molecular Biology Editor Roger Brent describes the past, present, and future of making and using recombinant DNA molecules.

Click here to read more.

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Tips and Hints
Tips for Running an Effective Meeting
Meetings are just as integral to a scientist’s workday as they are in the business world. Here are some tips for planning a meeting that gets things done and gets you back to your research quicker!
* Decide on the best way to hold the meeting
* Spend twice as long planning the meeting as you expect it to last
* Stick to an agenda with a timeline
* Don't overuse technology
* Plan breaks
* Arrange the meeting room to your benefit
* Invite only the necessary people
* Prepare opening and closing remarks
* Ensure that all participants are heard
* Take minutes and distribute them to attendees
Read the complete article by Laura Larimer at
Staining Options for Thin Layer Chromatography
Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is a quick, sensitive, and inexpensive technique used to determine the number of components in a mixture, verify the identity and purity of a compound, monitor the progress of a reaction, determine the solvent composition for preparative separations, and analyze the fractions obtained from column chromatography. Samples are often visualized using UV light or iodine staining. If these commonly used methods do not work, a variety of TLC stains exist. This table will give you some great options to consider.
Find the complete unit describing the theory and practice of thin layer
chromatography in Current Protocols Essential Laboratory Techniques.

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New in Current Protocols!
Wiley Current Protocols Poster Prize Winners
* Wiley Current Protocols Poster Prizes were awarded at the 23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and the 14th European Conference on Computational Biology, held in Dublin, Ireland, July 10-14.

Hans-Ulrich Klein, from Harvard Medical School, won for his poster titled “Tau Protein Related Acetylation of Histone 3 Lysine 9 in the Human Brain”, and Petko Fiziev, University of California, Los Angeles, was also awarded a prize for “Computational method for detecting patterns of epigenetic changes from time series ChIP-seq data.

You can read more about their research here.
* Congratulations to the winners of the Wiley Current Protocols Poster Prize at the FASEB Science Research Conference on Molecular Pathogenesis: Mechanisms of Infectious Disease, July 12-17 in Keystone, CO.

Katrina Velle from the University of Connecticut (Ken Campellone laboratory) won for her poster on "Spatiotemporal regulation of bacterial type 3 secretion system effectors" and Alyssa Jimenez from Neal Alto’s laboratory at UT Southwestern Medical Center won for her poster on "Pathogenic E. coli use distinct pathways of actin assembly to resist phagocytosis, drive actin-based motility, and differentially colonize polarized intestinal cells."

Each received a Wiley book and a one-year online subscription to Current Protocols in Microbiology.

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We are pleased to put together a series of webinars and videos on specific laboratory techniques. Watch them from the comfort of your desk, anytime you want!
Increasing Large-Scale Protein Production Using a Novel Supplement Without Affecting Metabolic Profiles
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
11am-12pm Eastern US
(8-9am Pacific, 4-5pm GMT, 5-6pm CET)
Dr. Adam Elhofy, CSO Essential Pharmaceuticals
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